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About Us

About Pyramid Environmental Services LLC

Pyramid Environmental Services LLC in Mesa, Arizona, has an excellent reputation for providing innovative and cost-effective lawn care solutions. Our services are steered to meet your project’s environmental needs.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the premier provider of native restoration and erosion control services throughout the four corners. We offer a full line of restoration services, including innovative erosion control products, application processes, and revolutionary technologies. We believe strongly in the value of education, research, and training.


Partnering with other enterprises in a variety of industries throughout both the private and public sectors has been beneficial for us. The following is a representative list of partners we are currently conducting business with:

  • Engineering Groups
  • Utility Companies
  • Design-Build Firms
  • Pipeline Contractors
  • Civil Government Projects
  • Landfill Operators
  • Mining Operations
  • Golf Course Developers
  • Commercial Developers
  • General Contractors
  • Excavation, Highway, & Road Contractors
  • Municipal, County, & State Government Agencies (the US Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, the National Park Service, & the BIA)

Community Outreach

Giving back is a large part of who we are. No matter where our business takes us, we believe we have a corporate responsibility to support the local economy and community. Our standing directive is to utilize local resources and workers when competitively available. We work closely with the local vendors, governments, economic development organizations, and community leaders in an attempt to identify opportunities for our joint participation.

Helpful Participation

Many times, the communities we work in have been adversely affected by the disturbances we are called upon to restore. By participating within the community, we gain local knowledge and goodwill necessary for achieving a project’s final objectives. Furthermore, our company also has a long-standing commitment to supporting various charities, scholarships, and aid organizations by donating both monetary and construction services that meet their specific needs.

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