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Services: Erosion Control

Effective Erosion Control

Improve soil fertilization and seedling retention with our erosion control services. Pyramid Environmental Services LLC in Mesa, Arizona, ensures that your lawn maintains its ability to provide full nourishment for your plants.

What it does

Erosion control is the prevention of soil loss by stabilizing the soil. It usually involves laying an erosion control blanket over the ground, which helps hold the seeds and soil in place while also protecting emerging seedlings.

Erosion Blanket

An erosion control blanket protects an eroding lawn from harsh elements. It helps encourage plant growth by making the soil and plants stronger, so that the lawn can eventually protect itself from erosion.

Plant Growth Maintenance

Germination can be increased when an erosion blanket is combined with mulch. The mulch stays under the blanket, providing adequate nutrients and moisture for the plants to thrive. The blanket can be left on until the plants underneath are big and strong enough to stand up and protect themselves from the debilitating effects of erosion.


Aside from erosion control, we also provide additional earthwork services, ranging from simple excavations, to geomorphic shaping, and even berm and earthen channel construction. We utilize a full array of construction equipment for these services, and use each according to the amount of material that needs to be moved. This equipment includes:

  • Loader
  • Backhoe
  • Production Trucks
  • Skid-Steer
  • Bulldozer
  • Excavator


Consultation & Compliance

With today’s strict erosion and sediment control regulations, it is getting more and more difficult for contractors to remain in compliance with state and federal laws. To prevent you from being fined tens of thousands of dollars, we engineer solutions that best suit your needs.


A couple of these solutions are BMP installations and modifications. Shorthand for “best management practice,” BMP is a type of water pollution control that prevents sediment loss caused by storm water runoffs. It also helps stabilize the existing soil.

BMP Examples

An example of a BMP is a silt fence erected around a construction site that keeps loose soil from contaminating outlying areas. Another example is a wattle, a material that allows water to pass through and keeps its natural flow while filtering eroded soil.

Contact us in Mesa, Arizona, for lawn care services that use top-grade erosion control methods.

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