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Service: Seed Sowing

First-Rate Seed Sowing Methods Featuring Hydraulic Mulch Seeding

Methodical seed sowing can add a lot of beauty and environmental value to your lot. Pyramid Environmental Services LLC in Mesa, Arizona, employs a process called hydraulic mulch seeding (also called hydroseeding) that results in fast plant growth. Plants are carefully selected to match the environment, so that they are most likely to thrive.

Vegetation Benefits

Vegetation adds visual appeal to a home or business property. It helps a drought-impacted area recover more effectively. It also acts as a natural shelter and food source for animals in the environment. Finally, it adds carbon to the soil, stabilizing it for future plant growth.

Aesthetically Pleasing

There is a certain natural beauty that can only be achieved by planting trees, shrubs, and flowers. These plants add eye-catching colors and also bring in small animals that add to the landscape’s allure.


The roots and stems of trees and bushes help trap soil particles, forming a layer that is naturally resistant to erosion. The layer also protects plants and animals from the elements and water currents.


Hydroseeding Process

Hydroseeding is an alternative to the usual way of seed sowing. It involves mixing and agitating seeds, fertilizer, and mulch with water inside a tank. The mixture is then sprayed onto lawns or other designated areas.


Hydroseeding tends to work well for lawns because the seeds are contained in a nutrient-rich mixture called slurry. The mixture is specially measured to maintain moisture, which allows for the maximum growth of the seeds. It can also contain other ingredients such as additives or green dye.

Hydroseeding Result

When mixed in the slurry, the seeds come in contact with water and other nutrients. This triggers the plant germination process. The mulch seals in the moisture while holding the soil in, which mimics the greenhouse effect. When the seeds are planted at a good depth, and the right amount of moisture is locked in, hydroseeding can produce a beautiful, lush lawn in a short amount of time.

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